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Blog by Sue Roseberry


Blog by Sue Roseberry

Serving in music ministry has to be one of the most all-consuming and tedious assignments in the church. Music is needed for all of our worship services and in order to keep up with the heavy obligation, it also takes a heavy commitment from those involved. Every Sunday,..engagements for your Pastor at other services…special events (Christmas, Resurrection, First Sunday, Fifth Sunday, Women’s Day, Men’s Day), the list just goes on and on. Sandwiched in with all of this is the fact that most of the time it is a very thankless job. Those who are not involved in the music ministry don’t really understand the commitment and sacrifice needed to consistently provide quality music. It doesn’t just happen. Yes, there are a few individuals who may be paid staff, but believe me…what they receive as compensation in no way compensates them for the sacrifices they make trying to see that the music ministry is right.

I guess what I’m trying to get to is that the motivation to continue is not tied to a dollar amount, the praise of the listeners or even the occasional thank you that comes from leadership. What keeps you going is knowing who said it. Who is it that called you and who is it that places the burning desire within your heart that cannot be dealt with in any other way than to sing or play? That passion that won’t let you just hold your peace is tied to the one who intentionally selected you to be an instrument of praise.

The promises of God are without fail. They are not eroded by our short sightedness or needs for immediate gratification. They are yea and Amen. When it seems like the work is just overwhelming and you feel like you cannot continue, remember who said it. Remember that he is too powerful and too amazing to let you fail. Remember that he will not forget what you do in service for the kingdom. Remember that and get in touch with the nobility of the cause that you are striving for.