The Texas Mass Choir

Spotlight On You

September's Spotlight Interview

Ch'Tara Guillory

(Golden Triangle Chapter)

Ch'Tara Guillory

TMC: How long have you been affiliated with TMC?

Ch'Tara: 11 years!

TMC: Can you tell us what you most enjoy about being a part of GMWA?

Ch'Tara: I love the fact that everything is sincere and you are having fun doing what we were created to do. I also love that I can take back what I learn to my chapter.

TMC: What is something about you that is not known that you wish people knew?

Ch'Tara: People would be surprised to learn that I'm not quiet! I'm very loud and exciting!

TMC: Since you've been part of TMC for 11 years, you've been around long enough to really observe what is taking place. What would you like to see TMC do in the future?

Ch'Tara: I'd like for us to go somewhere where we don't have a chapter and minister. I would also like for us to visit schools.

TMC: What do you see yourself doing in the future?

Ch'Tara: I want to own my own boutique or franchise specializing in formal wear.

TMC: Can you give our readers "Ch'Tara in a nutshell" so they can know you better?

Ch'Tara: I'm a sophomore, fashion major at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas. I attend St. Peter Missionary Baptist Church in Beaumont where Rev. Harry Mitchell is the pastor. At St. Peter, I am a Sunday School teacher. I also sing with the Voices of Deliverance and the Youth and Young Adult Choir. I like to sew, shop, go to church, hang with family and friends, go to concerts, listen to music, draw, and I love acting.